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Become a partner with Sione's Foundation and connect your company with a meaningful mission for change. We provide a special chance to positively influence the population in the Pacific and encourage their growth and development. As a partner, you'll support worthwhile initiatives, see the world change, and strengthen your sense of corporate social responsibility.

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At Sione's Foundation, we are a part of a community that stretches from Australia to the Pacific Islands. We strongly believe in the strength of togetherness and enthusiastically encourage everyone to join us in our mission to improve the lives of the Tongan people of the Pacific. Your assistance, whether in the form of financial contributions or material donations, strengthens our upcoming aid missions and ensures that every effort is successful. Become a ray of hope right now, and together let's work to give the Pacific a better future.


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Our projects are shaped by your compassion, fuelled by your generosity, and realised by our collective efforts. If you have a project that you believe can make a difference in Tonga and the Pacific, we're here to listen!

Schools, businesses, or individuals - your voice matters. Submit your project request and let's turn your vision into reality. Be the spark that ignites change. Stand with the Pacific, Stand with Sione's Foundation.

What’s more, you can also volunteer to join Sione and our team on a mission to Tonga, experiencing firsthand the tangible change your contribution can make. Contact us today for more details on volunteering and join us in our journey to create a better future for Tonga and Pacific communities.

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Pat Conroy
Minister for International Development & the Pacific
Minister for Defence Industry

I am writing to express my admiration for the incredible work of Sione’s foundation in supporting the Alonga Disability Centre’s work caring for people with disabilities in the Kingdom of Tonga. I was honoured to meet the many staff and supporters during my visit to Tonga and was moved by their dedication and generosity.

You should be proud of how your foundation is supporting the centre and the dignity of its residents. Your foundation’s work is a testament to the importance of cooperation between the peoples of Australia and Tonga.

Jeff Picton
Fin Windows & Doors

Fin Windows and Doors proudly supports Sione’s Foundation because of the great work they are doing on the ground in Tonga, improving actual facilities so that the whole Tongan community can benefit from it.

And after meeting Sione and seeing his passion and the works already carried out, we felt now we only have one choice, we need to support his foundation and help where we can.

Whilst Fin Windows and Doors are a local Hunter company who support local community schemes, we feel that we can also spread our wings per say and help where we can with other deserving charities like Sione’s Foundation.

Daniel Hersee
Black Lion Digital

As soon as the big fella (Sione) told me about what he does and the direct impact that they make, I knew I had to get on board as a sponsor. The events they have are always amazing to attend and a great opportunity as a business owner but the real reward is seeing the genuine impact and difference they are making.

I'll be a sponsor for life and I'm grateful to be a part of their journey for change in Tonga

Wayne Grant

I wish to express my admiration for Sione and the Foundation for the work they do for the Tongan community. I am especially proud and honoured for the chance to be involved, with the members of Newcastle Mens Shed, travelling to Tonga as part of the 2022 and 2023 aid trips. Meeting new people from home and in Tonga and getting to work and socialise as a team for the Tongan children and general community is a genuine highlight in my life and one that I will never forget. I wish to continue being involved as long as I possibly can.

Sean Hersee
Managing Director

I am honoured to share my heartfelt testimonial regarding the gratifying experience of working alongside the Sione’s Foundation over the past five years. In my role, I have had the privilege of contributing to the foundation's mission of supporting the people of Tonga through the donation of paint and supplies and sending a dedicated team to participate actively in painting schools and community buildings.

The partnership with Sione’s Foundation has been nothing short of transformative. Our commitment to giving back to the community aligns seamlessly with the foundation's vision, and the impact we've collectively made in Tonga is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values...

Sean Hersee
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Donating paint and supplies may seem simple on the surface, but its profound effect on enhancing the lives of the people in Tonga is immeasurable. Through our contributions, we have played a role in revitalising schools and community spaces, creating environments that foster education, growth, and community spirit.

What sets Sione's Foundation apart is its hands-on approach to making a difference. Sending our team members to Tonga to actively participate in the painting projects has been a defining aspect of our collaboration. It's one thing to provide resources, but it's an entirely different and enriching experience to be physically present working with the local community. This hands-on involvement has strengthened our connection with the people of Tonga and created lasting memories for our team members.

Sean Hersee
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The dedication and passion exhibited by the Sione’s Foundation team have been truly inspiring. Their commitment to sustainable and impactful initiatives reflects a genuine desire to make a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve. It's been a pleasure to contribute to their initiatives and witness the positive changes in Tonga.

Reflecting on the past five years of collaboration, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful cause. Working alongside Sione’s Foundation has not only allowed us to make a tangible impact in Tonga. Still, it has enriched our corporate culture with a sense of purpose and social responsibility.

Sean Hersee
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In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Sione’s Foundation as a partner for any organisation looking to make a meaningful and lasting impact on communities in need. Their professionalism, dedication, and commitment to positive change make them an invaluable ally in creating a better world for all.


Our calendar is teeming with events that blend fun, community, and a passion for improving the lives of the Tongan and greater Pacific people. Whether it's our annual Golf Charity Day or the thrilling Beach 5's Australian Rugby, each ticket purchased propels us closer to our goal.


You're not just attending an event; you're contributing to a brighter future for the Pacific. Don't wait - check out our calendar of upcoming events and secure your ticket today. Together, we can turn hope into reality.

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TIME: 12:00PM to 4:00PM, Thursday
LOCATION: Merewether Surf House

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TIME: Australia Day Festival, Friday to Sunday
LOCATION: Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle



Explore Sione's Foundation's uplifting past by going back in time. Numerous lives in Tonga and the Pacific have been impacted by our previous aid missions, which have sparked transformation. Explore the inspirational tales of hope and resiliency to see how every action has an impact. The next chapter could be written with your help. Discover our past projects now and become inspired for our future missions.


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