Choose from the below, or select your own amount to give – every dollar counts, and we truly appreciate your generosity. We are also incredibly grateful to receive donations of goods and supplies that may be used on our next aid mission – please contact us and we will be happy to speak to you. 

*Please note that we now have our DGR which means any donation you can give us is tax deductible.

You can read more about how your donation will be used below. 

$10 could buy a children’s book for the school library
$20 for a single roof sheet to go towards building a home for a local family or fix a community facility
$50 could buy a pair of kids football boots
$144 could help purchase a bag of 12 Rugby Balls for the local Footy team

Thank you for your support! 

Every donation we get goes towards helping the communities of Tonga.

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About Your Donations; Where & How they will be used

Your donations will help us build infrastructure and conduct aid missions in Tonga. Donations may go towards building, medical, education or sporting supplies. You can find out more in our Aid Missions section. All donations made will be greatly appreciated and are tax deductible as we now officially have our DGR status (Deductible Gift Receipt).

School Supplies

  • School desks and chairs
  • Computers
  • Photocopy and Print Machines
  • School stationary
  • Primary school Library books

Medical Supplies

  • Hospital beds and waterproof mattresses
  • Walking sticks
  • Wheelchairs
  • Disability aids


  • Sporting equipment, tackle bags, cones, ladders, balls
  • Bags of 12 rugby balls
  • Sports uniforms: soccer, rugby, netball
  • Kids Football boots
  • Gym equipment and boxing gear

Building Materials

  • Roof sheeting
  • Timbers and doors
  • Toilets and plumbing materials, taps and water pumps
  • Louver windows and frames
  • Painting materials
  • Lawn mowers to maintain school ovals
  • Tradies tools and safety gear

Sports Coaching & Workshops

  • Rugby Leaque Coaches and Trainers
  • Rugby Union Coaches and Trainers
  • Soccer Coaches
  • Netball Coaches
  • Track and Field Coaches and Trainers