How We Help

Providing Children with School Supplies

Sione’s Foundation has provided school desks and chairs for students in the community, as well as computers, printers and stationary. On a recent mission, the Foundation created a Library for the local school through several donated several children’s books.

Medical Supplies for Hospitals

On the most recent aid mission in 2018, The Sione’s Foundation donated thousands of dollars worth of hospital supplies to the local health facility, including hospital beds, walking sticks, wheelchairs and mattresses.

Sporting Education and Coaching

Sione’s Foundation was created from a passion for creating opportunity through support. Over the past several years, Sione and several volunteers have conducted sports workshops for Tongan children, aiming to ignite passion and provide opportunity for a healthy lifestyle.

Building Materials

Rebuilding, repairing and creating infrastructure to support the Tongan community is at the heart of Sione’s mission. We have been fortunate enough to receive donations of building supplies to help with the construction of buildings to support the local community, including school structures and sporting sheds

Sione’s Foundation Aid Missions

Sporting and Wellbeing Education for Schools

5 volunteers ran school sports clinics and promoted well-being. Opportunities to further meet the needs of the community were identified.


 GPS (Government Primary School) Kolonga Rebuild

62 volunteers rebuilt the Kolonga Primary School that was heavily impacted by Cyclone Gita.


‘Eua Hospital & Alonga Disability Center 

Together with the Mullane Foundation, 9 volunteers and a 20ft shipping container, we installed a hot water system to the ‘Eua Hospital and Alonga Disability Center.


Alonga Disability Center 

We made further improvements to the primary school and rebuilt part of Alonga Disability centre. Drug and alcohol intervention programs were delivered at the jail.


Aid Mission 2021

Our scheduled trip for 2020 has been postponed, but we are making plans to return to Tonga in 2021.