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Sione’s Foundation was established to help the Tongan and Pacific communities, with a key focus on children who are disadvantaged, marginalised or isolated.

The Foundation’s work aims to give each child freedom and abilities to choose their career and life goals, regardless of their individual financial situation. This help is provided through;

  • Sustainability and Infrastructure projects
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Education and career development programs
  • Healthy lifestyle programs
  • Sporting facilities and pathway programs
  • The Foundation is based on Sione’s personal philosophy of love, hope, faith, family and community.

Sione Finefeuiaki


The Mission of Sione’s Foundation is to build the foundations for a better and sustainable life for people across the Pacific. Our team of volunteers and corporate supporters ensure that the capital projects and social programs we deliver consider the Environmental, Social and Economic impacts at all times.

Sione’s Foundation builds and maintains relationships and trust through collaboration with Governments, Communities, Suppliers/ Donors, Volunteers, NGO’s and all of our valued stakeholders.


The vision of Sione’s Foundation is to help people in Tonga, and across the Pacific, with a key focus on children who are disadvantaged, marginalised or isolated. 

The Foundation’s work aims to give each child freedom and ability to choose their career and life goals, regardless of their individual financial situation. This help is provided through;

  • Sustainability and Infrastructure projects
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Education and career development programs
  • Healthy lifestyle programs
  • Sporting facilities and Pathways programs

The Foundation is based on Sione’s personal philosophy of love, hope, faith, family and community.


Introducing the committed minds and caring hearts at the core of Sione's Foundation. Our team is dedicated to improving the Pacific community and is constantly working on valuable initiatives and captivating events. Join our story; there is a place for everyone in our effort to enhance the Tongan and Pacific communities quality of life.

Sione Finefeuiaki

Founder & Director

Dave Harney

Director & Company Secretary

Jenny Dugley

Chair & Treasurer

Adam Boyle


Angela Hopton

Events Coordinator

Geoff Chapman

Operations Coordinator


Founder & Director


Director & Company Secretary


Chair & Treasurer




Events Coordinator


Operations Coordinator


In a heartfelt partnership with Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Tonga, we are forging pathways of significant change across communities. Her esteemed patronage and deep personal commitment are reflections of the profound trust in our mission's integrity and the tangible impact of our endeavours. We warmly invite you to delve into her inspiring official insights, a testament that illuminates the depth of our work and echoes the resonant progress of Sione's Foundation within the vibrant heart of Tonga.


Princess Lātūfuipeka Tukuʻaho

Princess of Tonga

Princess Angelika is the eldest child of Their Majesties, King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau'u. Her education journey was marked by dedication and achievement, she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from International University of Geneva and, a Master of Management and, a Master of Business from Australian National University.

A Life of Service Throughout her life, Princess Angelika has dedicated herself to serving her community and country. Her commitment to her nation's cultural, social, and educational development is a testament to her unwavering devotion. She recognises the significance of preserving Tonga's rich heritage while fostering a brighter future for its people.


Every successful project at Sione's Foundation has a group of committed sponsors working behind the scenes. These partners are more than simply contributors; they are also champions, advocates, and crucial members of our community. Their vital contributions—from project supplies to event funding and community involvement—help make our vision a reality.

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Chris Adams
Volunteering Since 19’

I'm humbled to be part of the Aid Trips in Tonga because the Tongan people are such warm hearted loving people that deserve a chance to live a healthy quality life like the rest of us.

George Fonua
Volunteering Since 23’

I heard that there is someone doing something to help Tonga, and it wasn't about himself [Sione]. I was a bit cynical at first - then I saw what he was doing and I went ‘Oh wow - it's real’.

I have since joined a project while my son has been on 2. The camaraderie of the foundation and having people wanting to get together to make a difference while having a positive vibe amongst positive people wanting to make a difference. I think it is something we can do really well - getting that connection between Australia and the Pacific for me is the biggest thing.

John Fonua
Volunteering Since 18’

I heard about Sione’s story in 2018 and helping the people of Tonga and the disability centre and I thought it's a good thing to get involved with. Ever since I have been involved - I have been back to Tonga about 5 times now with the Aid group in October and the Water Project Sione conducted over in the islands.

My favourite project I have been a part of has been helping out in the disability centre - I got so much out of it, helping the people there that cannot be helped themselves.

Pat Conroy
Minister for International Development & the Pacific
Minister for Defence Industry

I am writing to express my admiration for the incredible work of Sione’s foundation in supporting the Alonga Disability Centre’s work caring for people with disabilities in the Kingdom of Tonga. I was honoured to meet the many staff and supporters during my visit to Tonga and was moved by their dedication and generosity.

You should be proud of how your foundation is supporting the centre and the dignity of its residents. Your foundation’s work is a testament to the importance of cooperation between the peoples of Australia and Tonga.


Seeing the direct impact is incredible!

I have participated in some of the foundation's local events, and it is so humbling to know that I have contributed to helping people who need it most - even in the smallest way. I have learnt so much now about what the foundation executes on their aid projects, and to say that I am excited to join next year is an understatement!

I can't wait to see what they plan next to help communities of the South Pacific that need it most


Sione's Foundation's impact on the Tongan community is just incredible!
I have only recently become involved with Sione's Foundation and I am absolutely blown away by how much they do. The charity golf day was my gateway to understanding their mission, and it was an event that was not only so much fun but truly eye opening. It was a fantastic day that left me both educated and inspired.

I'm so excited to get more involved and make a difference!

Jeff Picton
Fin Windows & Doors

Fin Windows and Doors proudly supports Sione’s Foundation because of the great work they are doing on the ground in Tonga, improving actual facilities so that the whole Tongan community can benefit from it.

And after meeting Sione and seeing his passion and the works already carried out, we felt now we only have one choice, we need to support his foundation and help where we can.

Whilst Fin Windows and Doors are a local Hunter company who support local community schemes, we feel that we can also spread our wings per say and help where we can with other deserving charities like Sione’s Foundation.


You know, when you see an organisation that's really making a difference, it just kind of sticks with you. And that's exactly what's happening with the team from Sione's Foundation. They're not just talking about change; they're out there, boots on the ground, making it happen.

From building better schools to providing medical supplies, and even setting up sports programs - they're doing it all. I love being a part of the movement!

Daniel Hersee
Black Lion Digital

As soon as the big fella (Sione) told me about what he does and the direct impact that they make, I knew I had to get on board as a sponsor. The events they have are always amazing to attend and a great opportunity as a business owner but the real reward is seeing the genuine impact and difference they are making.

I'll be a sponsor for life and I'm grateful to be a part of their journey for change in Tonga

Wayne Grant

I wish to express my admiration for Sione and the Foundation for the work they do for the Tongan community. I am especially proud and honoured for the chance to be involved, with the members of Newcastle Mens Shed, travelling to Tonga as part of the 2022 and 2023 aid trips. Meeting new people from home and in Tonga and getting to work and socialise as a team for the Tongan children and general community is a genuine highlight in my life and one that I will never forget. I wish to continue being involved as long as I possibly can.

Sean Hersee
Managing Director

I am honoured to share my heartfelt testimonial regarding the gratifying experience of working alongside the Sione’s Foundation over the past five years. In my role, I have had the privilege of contributing to the foundation's mission of supporting the people of Tonga through the donation of paint and supplies and sending a dedicated team to participate actively in painting schools and community buildings.

The partnership with Sione’s Foundation has been nothing short of transformative. Our commitment to giving back to the community aligns seamlessly with the foundation's vision, and the impact we've collectively made in Tonga is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values...

Christopher Jones
Volunteer in 23’

I first encountered Sione years ago through working with Sean Hersee and SAGE Painting. He would always come through the office with a big smile and a big dream. I recently travelled to Tonga to help Sione’s team work on ‘Eua Water Treatment Program - it was a challenging but rewarding experience and I look forward to going back.

Craig Harris
Event Attendee

I first met Sione through working with SAGE Painting - we have been a major sponsor on a couple of his projects. Sione works tirelessly to get these events up and running and he has such passion for what he does. With a big heart and infectious laugh, that just makes you want to be a part of his mission for change. It's incredible to know that the money he is raising and projects put together are changing people's lives.

The golf days we have been to have been nothing but fun and laughter - and at the end of the day it's all about making money for the people of Tonga to deliver simple things that we take for granted like clean water. Getting to know Sione and his enthusiasm and passion for what the does - I would highly recommend anyone to come onboard as a sponsor or join the events and just show whatever support you can, because you know that he is making a difference and feels good to be a part of that.


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